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Historical Development
Historical Development
1971 Established as a 50/50 joint venture between Nippon Paint Co Ltd. and Bee Chemical.
Company for manufacturing and sales of plastic coatings and vacuum metalizing coatings.

Established Neyagawa Office near Nippon Paint Central Research Center (Neyagawa-City).
Started selling coatings "R-257/R-258H" for elastomer.
1977 Started selling Japan's first 2-pack coatings for bumpers.
1982 Opened Nagoya Sales Office.
Increased capital Investment to ¥360 million.
Started sales of coatings for plastic fenders "R-184 Primer" and "R-284/R-287".
1984 Completed Hirakata office building to start operation.
1985 Started sales of 1-pack primer"RB-123" for PP bumpers.
Annual sales exceeded ¥10 billion (¥10.1 billion).
Started PT (In Bee Chemical Company) and started sales promotion to Japanese Automotive Makers in North America.
Started selling primer "R-207" for color base with dual use, first in the world.
Started sales of white conductive primer "RB-114CD" for PP bumpers.
1989 The Head Office registration was transferred from Osaka to Hirakata.
Opened Hiroshima Sales office In Nippon Paint Hiroshima Sales Office.
Established a joint venture, Daihan Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. in Korea jointly with Daihan Paint Co., Ltd.
1991 Completed Technical Center.
1992 Started sales of paint "R-281"for airbag covers.
1993 Started sales of detrichloroethan primer "RB-109"and "RB-195".
1994 World first water-based primer"WB-130CD" for PP bumpers.

Established a joint venture Tung Yang Chemical Co., Ltd. (Taiwan/Tainan) with Toyo Jitsugyo.
Started selling 1-pack high durability clearcoat "R-362 clear" for bumpers.
Awarded Toyota Technical Development Prize in the following year.
Started selling low temperature 80 1-pack crosslinked coating "R-301" for bumpers.
Established NBRA (Lansing, U.S.A.).

ISO9001 was awarded.
Completed a water-based coating system for PP bumpers in the bumper coating line at UK Honda(HUM) first in the world.
Established NBC(Asia)(Bangkok, Thailand).
Started selling 1-pack crosslinked high solid coating system "R-6331/ R-6341".
Completed Aichi Plant, started operation.
Established NBC(Guang Zhou)(China).
Established NBC(Changchun)(China).
Started sales of primer "R-356"for 1-pack low temperature crosslinked high solid color base with dual purpose.

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the founding.
Started sales of "R-290", 2-pack high solid clearcoat with high durability.
ISO14001 was awarded.
Started sales of "WB-1110CD", Japan's first water born conductive primer for bumpers.
2002 Established NBC(Tianjin)(China).
2003 Established NBC(Wuhan)(China).
Established NBC(Nan Jing)(China).
Established NBC(Shanghai)(China).

Started sales of "Be Aqua", water-based paint for both interior and exterior uses.
Became 100% subsidiary of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
Started sales of "R-2523 Clear" scratch guard coating.

Completed construction of Kanagawa Office.
Established BNB Coatings India Ltd. (India).
Developed the world's first water-based primer for bumpers that does not contain chlorine.

Nagoya Office move.
Started sales of soft touch/ coating,1-pack water-based paint for interior uses.
Started sales of anti-glare hard-coat for touch panel.